Jose Mourinho: Newcastle “fought like animals”

Jose Mourinho: Newcastle “fought like animals”


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho says Newcastle United “fought like animals” in a bid to hold on to a 1-0 victory over his side.

Matt Ritchie’s second half strike proved to be the difference between the two sides as Mourinho’s side failed to strengthen their position on second place on the table.

“They fought like animals – I hope they take that as a compliment,” Mourinho said following the match.

“The gods of football were on their side. It wasn’t going to happen for us today. Newcastle gave what they have and what they don’t have, that’s a beautiful thing in football.

“They fought for their point, a point is what they had in mind. We made a defensive mistake and when they are in front they had only one thing in mind and gave their lives to keep a clean sheet.”

On another day, the result could have been quite different with United producing several clear cut chances.

But for Mourinho, he believes the result would have remained the same over an extended period of times.

“We could be here for 10 hours and we wouldn’t score a goal – that’s the feeling. When you see the amount of chances we lost, starting in the first half when Anthony [Martial] was facing the keeper.

“In the second half, we had Alexis [Sanchez] with an open goal and then we had an accumulation of situations where it’s incredible that we didn’t score. But I think we also have to say the goal is a mistake.

“A lateral free-kick which travelled a long distance to the box – we lose the first ball in the air because we didn’t compete in the air and then we lost the second ball on the floor and from that moment, you could say it’s about Newcastle luck – but it’s also fair to say Newcastle fight.”