Moneyball EPL and A-League fantasy has arrived!

Moneyball EPL and A-League fantasy has arrived!


Outside90 is pleased to partner with Moneyball, a new player in the field of fantasy football! 

What is Moneyball? provides daily and weekly fantasy Premier League or A-League contests for real cash prizes. Daily fantasy means there is NO season long commitment; you can pick a new team every day (e.g. for just Saturday’s games or just Sunday’s games). The best way to look at it is ‘every week is a new season’. If you’re a fan of fantasy premier league, you will love this!

In Moneyball football fantasy, your job is to pick 9 players under a $60K salary cap. The member who picks the highest scoring team is the winner.






Each players salary is based on their real life statistics, for example if you want to pick Memphis Depay as a FWD he will cost you $7,900 based on his statistical output per game. This leaves you with a $52,000 salary to distribute between the positions you still need to fill.

The aim is to pick the highest scoring team under the salary cap, if you can do this you’re in the money. But remember, be smart when picking your team as there are plenty of bargains to help you fill your 9 man squad. You won’t be able to just pick star players; you will need to be smart.

The great thing with Moneyball is player salaries change on a weekly basis so picking a team is never the same, there’s always an element of excitement and skill.

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Moneyball allows you to edit your team an unlimited amount of times right up until the start of the first game of your contest under their special ‘Upcoming’ tab.

Live Games

Moneyball provide ‘Live scoring’, this means while you watch the game your team and player scores will update based on how your players are performing on field. This allows you to see exactly how you are tracking in your contest and how your team stacks up against your competition, all this can be viewed on both mobile, tablet or desktop.

How is each player/team scored?

Each Player is scored on the following output/scoring parameters:

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At the completion of a contest your team score is totalled and the highest scoring team wins and will be paid out their winnings with 2-3 hours after the conclusion of a contest.

Moneyball Contests

It’s daily fantasy so remember there are contests all weekend, enter one or enter them all, the choice is yours.

Members can also choose to create their own leagues and bet from as little as $2 and take on their mates by sharing the fantasy league link.

Ready to take a shot?

Sign-Up here and put your EPL and A-League fantasy skills to the test, contests live now! 

Moneyball is 18+ because of the gambling aspect of the site, so if you’re going to take a shot remember to gamble responsibly.