Spygate takes another turn as Marco Bielsa admits to spying on all...

Spygate takes another turn as Marco Bielsa admits to spying on all of Leeds’ rivals


English football’s spygate saga has taken another turn after Leeds United manager Marco Bielsa admitted to spying on all opponents in the lead up to matches.

A Leeds staff member was caught watching a Derby County training session last week, ahead of the pair’s clash with the employee evicted from the Derby premises by police.

Prior to the match, Bielsa admitted he did send a member of his staff to Derby, before Leeds issued an apology to their opponents.

Surprisingly, Bielsa called a midweek press conference to discuss the matter, but that wasn’t before reports suggested he was set to step down from his position.

Instead, he presented a powerpoint presentation to the press showcasing how his side’s prepare for each game.

“Many people have made an opinion on my behaviour,” said Bielsa.

“Many condemning the behaviour, saying that it was not ethical, it was not moral. I observed all rivals we played against. We watched all the training sessions before we played them.

“What I have done is not illegal. We can discuss it, it’s not seen as a good thing, but it’s not a violation of the law.

“I know that not everything that is legal is right to do.”

Since the incident, the EFL have launched an investigation which could see Leeds be punished financially or have points deducted.

But whatever the outcome, Bielsa is keen to ensure the investigation is made as smooth as possible.

“I’m going to make it easier for the EFL investigation,” Bielsa said.

“I’m going to make it easier for them and I assume my behaviour is observed from the most extreme position.

“My goal is to make this easier for the investigation. By doing this I assume the possible sanctions by the authorities.

“I don’t want to compare my situation with previous similar incidents. I don’t want to make it easier for me by attacking others.

“Regarding what I’ve done – it is not illegal. It’s not specified, described or restrained.”