Talking Points: Hertha Berlin 2 Bayern Munich 2 – Bayern sink deeper...

Talking Points: Hertha Berlin 2 Bayern Munich 2 – Bayern sink deeper against Leckie’s Hertha


There are problems on and off the field brewing at Bayern Munich after they blew a 2-0 lead against Hertha Berlin at the Olympiastadion on Sunday.

Bayern had to win to keep up with Borussia Dortmund at the top of the table and at the beginning of the match, they showed their clear intention to get three points.

Mats Hummels scored a wonderful headed goal in the opening 10 minutes as the Bavarians dictated the tempo of the game.

Robert Lewandowski went on to score his eighth goal of the season shortly after half time to seemingly put the game out of reach for Hertha. Bayern do not often blow a lead, but Hertha Berlin refused to lose at home.

The home side showed incredible skill to claw a goal back and Bayern were set on the back foot. The away side finally capitulated as Hertha managed to find an equaliser – all just six minutes after Lewandowski’s goal.

It was an astonishing comeback by Hertha and a deeply worrying sign for Bayern as trouble brews on the table and off the pitch. 

The title race is on

Last season, RB Leipzig provided a strong push for the Bundesliga title but eventually failed. This year, Dortmund find themselves five points ahead of Bayern and hopeful they will not meet the same fate.

The title race is well and truly on in Germany and Bayern have a mountain to climb if Dortmund continue their excellent form.

Bayern always have a knack of bouncing back, but they have been quite poor this season. Could this be the first season since 2012 we see Dortmund back at the top of German Football?

Internal problems at Bayern mount

‘FC Hollywood’, as they are known by fans and detractors alike, have been front and centre of Bundesliga media for the worst possible reasons. Arjen Robben was allegedly quoted as saying there is “better training at my son’s youth team” than at Bayern after their 2-2 draw with Hertha.

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Carlo Ancelotti was sacked last week as a result of internal disputes with players and stand-in coach Willy Sagnol has imbued no confidence with the side after he claimed “Bayern are no longer the strongest team in Germany” after their draw. There are deeply worrying signs at Bayern and this has translated to on-field performances.

Thomas Tuchel is confirmed in talks with Bayern to be the next manager but he may not be able to save the team from the enormous player egos that have torn it apart this season.

Hertha mid-table as Hoffenheim and Leipzig challenge the top

Hertha are enjoying a comfortable life in the middle of the table after their 2-2 draw but should be aiming for a spot in the Europa League. Meanwhile at the top of the table, Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig sit at 14 and 13 points respectively.

Bayern’s turbulent time is the perfect opportunity for these clubs to try and gain a foothold in the Champions League places and they are not turning down the offer. As Bayern tumble in the league, Hoffenheim and Leipzig will snap up the second and third spots on the table.

The Bundesliga is promising to be extremely competitive this season and Bayern are going to have to work hard simply for a place in the Champions League next year.