Where are they now? The Premier League’s original 22 clubs

Where are they now? The Premier League’s original 22 clubs [Part One]


In February 1992, a new top division in English football was formed after club’s in the Football League First Division decided to break away from the Football League. 

During the original 1992-93 season, 22 teams competed before cutting down to the current 20 team system in 1995.

Since the inception of the Premier League, 49 clubs have battled it out in the top flight in England, with just six clubs having never been relegated.

Whilst during the 2018-19 season, there are nine teams which featured in the competition’s inagural campaign.

Here is a look at where the original teams now find themselves:


1992-93 finish: 10th

Current division: Premier League

The Gunners sit as just one of just six teams to have never been relegated from the top-flight and in modern times often find themselves among the European places come season’s end. They hold the proud record of being the only side to have completed an undefeated season, having done so during the 2004-05 campaign which saw them earn ‘The Invincibles’ tag.

Aston Villa

1992-93 finish: 2nd

Current division: Championship

When Aston Villa finished second in the maiden Premier League campaign, people may well have been shocked if you had told them the club would be in the second division a quarter of a century later. The club’s relegation to the Championship in 2016 was their only relegation. They came close to regaining their Premier League status last season after falling to Fulham in the promotion play-off.

Blackburn Rovers

1992-93 finish: 4th

Current division: Championship

Blackburn are one of only two clubs outside of Manchester United (13), Chelsea (5), Arsenal (3) and Manchester City (3) to have claimed a Premier League having done so in 1995. They suffered the first of two relegations in 1995, before suffering their second in 2012 having returned to the top-flight in 2001.

Arsenal winger Anders Limpar


1992-93 finish: 11th

Current division: Premier League

The Blues are another one of the six clubs to have never been relegated since the inception of the Premier League. In that time, they have claimed five league titles with their first coming in 2005 under Jose Mourinho.

Coventry City

1992-93 finish: 15th

Current division: League One

Coventry’s relegation in the 2001 season marked the end of a 34-season stay in England’s top-flight and it has been all hard work from there. Since then, the club have battled financial troubles while battling away in the lower tiers of English football, having never made a return to the Premier League.

Crystal Palace

1992-93 finish: 20th

Current division: Premier League

Unfortunately for the London-based club, they were confined to relegation in the inaugural season of the Premier League – a fate they have suffered on four occasions. Their four relegations is the equal most alongside Middlesbrough.


1992-93 finish: 13th

Current division: Premier League

The Toffees have never suffered relegation from the Premier League and have often found themselves sitting on the edge of the European places despite previous Champions and Europa League appearances.

Coventry City haven’t featured in the Premier League since 2001

Ipswich Town

1992-93 finish: 16th

Current division: Championship

The Tractor Boys first suffered relegation to the English second tier at the end of the 1994-95 season before returning to the Premier League in 2000. Their joy was short-lived however as they suffered another relegation in 2002, which marked their last appearance in the top-flight.

Leeds United

1992-93 finish: 17th

Current division: Championship

Financial troubles proved to be the club’s downfall when they suffered their only Premier League relegation in 2004. Further problems would ensue as they fall to the third division to English football before making an eventual return to the Championship. The 2004 relegation demonstrated a sharp fall for a club who had competed in the 2005 UEFA Champions League semi-finals.


1992-93 finish: 6th

Current division: Premier League

Yet another club to have not suffered relegation, but despite their standing as one of the country’s biggest clubs the Reds are yet to lift a Premier League crown. The 2018-19 campaign is perhaps their best opportunity since the Premier League began.

Manchester City

1992-93 finish: 9th

Current division: Premier League

Despite having three league titles to their name, Manchester City have previously been relegated on two occasions. The most recent of those came in 2001, but since a change of ownership in the last decade they have established themselves among Europe’s elite.