TOP rating of Central Coast Mariners football players

Central Coast Mariners seems to be one of the most popular and successful crews nowadays. To be aware of the best performers to keep an eye on we have prepared a short, but complete players’ rating (with notes to read).

Thomas Glover

Despite having an unmemorable debut and not being at fault for either of the goals, Thomas Glover made a fantastic save to stop Boogaard in the first half.

Jake McGing

Had a fascinating duel with Nabbout in which he came in second place. He did, however, exhibit some promise.

Alan Baro

Despite maintaining calm on the ball, surrendering five goals is a difficult work day for a defender. late in picking up a booking.

Antony Golec

was soundly defeated despite failing to follow O’Donovan’s run for the Jets’ second goal in the first half.

Josh Rose

pushed forward to aid the assault when necessary and gave sufficient cover for defense.

Tom Hiariej

A noteworthy debut that managed the game’s pace. Possibly one of the season’s top signings.

Wout Brama

The Dutchman didn’t put on a very impressive performance, but he was cool under pressure.

Daniel De Silva

showed off some great details up close. It will be intriguing to follow his relationship with Asdrubal over the season.

Connor Pain

Throughout the game, he saw very little of the ball, and when he did, he failed to have any kind of an impact.


After the ball deflected off his thigh after only five minutes, he scored his first goal for his new team. He had fewer and fewer opportunities as the game’s tide turned.

Kwabena Appiah-Kubi

He had the ability to suddenly open up the game with his pace, but sadly for him, he lacked the finishing touch at critical moments.

All in all, the team is pretty strong. The next matches are supposed to be spectacular and resultative. So point them out!